A Bricks 4 Kidz class is not only fun (because who doesn’t love playing with LEGO Bricks?), but playing with building materials is one way to give kids a hands-on look at subjects they’ll learn in school.

Construction play has links to success in STEM concepts, which include science, technology, engineering and maths. For example, when your child plans, builds then evaluates the results of their LEGO Brick project, they have gone through a simple version of the engineering process.

Of course, you want to set your child up for success. To help them get the most out of their Bricks 4 Kidz class, here are some things you as a parent can do to build on the things your kid has learned.

Talk to the teacher: Your child’s Bricks 4 Kidz teacher is probably your best resource, and they’ll be more than happy to chat after the session. Ask them what made your child’s face light up with excitement. It can also be helpful to learn what made your child struggle, and how they handled it. Regardless of how the class went, the teacher may have links, how-to handouts and fliers for local upcoming events to help you generate ideas.

Listen to your child: On the drive home, get a sense for what resonated with your child by asking open-ended questions. Ask them to tell you the names of kids they sat by, what activity they did first, the best or most interesting thing they got to work on at their class, and what they thought of their project — and if there was something they could do better next time.

At home, see if you can get them to “teach” you something they learned to build in class, and praise them for their effort. When your child gets a chance to play the expert and show off what they know, it helps them put into practice the things they learned while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Fun as a family: Look for a related but fun free-time activity you can do as a family. A trip to a hands-on science or engineering museum, reading books from the library, watching a kid-friendly documentary or trying new crafts can all make engaging follow-ups to a Bricks 4 Kidz class (while enhancing what they learned).

For more ideas, check out the Bricks 4 Kidz blog or head to the parenting section of your local library. Either can be a valuable resource for finding fun things to do at home, whether it’s a new building challenge that teaches a physics concept or a crowd-pleasing kitchen sink experiment.

Let’s be friends: Find Bricks 4 Kidz on Facebook for tips and insights to help you make your child’s free time fun and enriching. You’ll also want to give your local Bricks 4 Kidz a Facebook follow and make sure you get notifications of new posts. Then you’ll always be the first to know about special events, promotions and new classes your child will love! It also makes it easy to share these classes with your friends and spread the word.

Soft focus: Don’t overlook how after-school activities help kids build “soft” interpersonal skills. When they finish a hard project, it builds willpower. Conversations with kids from other years expand their social skills. Even if they struggle with the project, they have the choice of asking for help (communicating) or using their own resources to solve it.

When kids take part in enriching after-school activities, they become more confident in new situations. While technical and academic skills are key to building a bright future, well-developed people skills can be just as important!

Bricks 4 Kidz gives kids a fun way to keep learning even when they’re not in school. Find out what’s available near you and sign up today!