hyperactive child

If you’re a parent, you’ll be familiar with having to deal with a child with boundless energy. Whether they’re running around, chattering away, or just generally being boisterous, dealing with them can be tiring to say the least. So how do you get your own little Tasmanian devil to slow down?

Give them a warning but stay calm

Lower your voice and don’t get agitated as this is likely to wind them up further. Crouch or kneel down to their level and tell them to calm down.

Give them something to do to use up their energy

Do something physical and productive together to use up their energy, like picking up their toys and putting them away, or going for a walk or short bike ride.

Try playing music

Just as music can soothe a baby, playing calming music can also help children calm down.

Play with something soothing

Encouraging your child to do something soothing, that encourages deep breathing, like blowing bubbles. Get them to blow the bubbles slowly and just watch them float through the air.

Set up a quiet area

Instead of sending your child to bed or to the naughty step, why not set up a quiet space for them with maybe a little table and chair and some calming activities like colouring books? When they get a little bit too hyperactive, tell them that you think they need some time to calm down and direct them to the quiet space.

Give them a bath

Everyone loves a relaxing bath, and the calming effect of warm water can work wonders on a child with too much energy. Give them a few toys they can squeeze and swirl around the bath and it will help them relax.

Get them into a good sleep routine

When children don’t get enough sleep they can become hyperactive, just as we can start talking too fast and knocking back the coffee when we’re tired and running on fumes. Make sure that your child keeps to a consistent sleep schedule, and they recognise when it’s time to sleep and time to play.

The calming effects of Lego

Building something from Lego needs concentration and it’s mentally stimulating, so it’s a great way to help calm kids down. Instead of leaving them to their own devices, talk to them about what they’re building. This will get them to focus and their playtime can turn into something educational!

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