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Innovations in science and technology can change the world and impact greatly on people’s lives, but in some countries, particularly the UK, there’s a huge skills gap. Fewer students are studying STEM-related qualifications, especially girls.

Traditionally, STEM subjects have been seen as being more suited to boys, and the problem is not that girls find subjects like maths and science boring, it’s that they aren’t encouraged to study them. So how can we get more girls to study STEM subjects?

How to get more girls into STEM

Start while they’re young

Girls often get given dolls, prams, and tea sets to play with when they’re young, which don’t encourage the development of critical thinking or problem-solving skills. We’re not saying that girls shouldn’t have these things, but why not introduce them to educational toys like Lego Friends sets, which involves building things and creating or following a storyline? Toys like this introduce them to STEM in an enjoyable way, and open up the possibility of getting them interested in building with other Lego sets.

Show them how STEM fits in with everyday life and hobbies

Reading about science or programming from a textbook might seem deathly dull to the average child, but the way to get them interested is to bring it to life for them.

Teach them how to bake, follow a recipe, and show them what would happen if you substitute one ingredient for another, or put too little or too much of something in to it. This is chemistry in action!

If your daughter is more of a creative and seems to avoid STEM subjects, why not get her to learn how to combine her story writing or drawing ability with technology using animation?

Sign them up to a STEM club or workshop

STEM clubs or workshops are a fun and educational learning experience that includes every child, no matter their background or ability. If your little girl sees that she can have fun and make friends learning STEM, this might just get her interested enough to want to study STEM subjects or even pursue a STEM-related career.

Support them at home and school

You’re well placed as a parent to encourage your child to study STEM subjects, and schools also need to do their bit to encourage and nurture the next generation of female scientists, engineers, and architects.

There’s no reason why women can’t pursue STEM careers, and by getting them interested in science, technology, engineering, and maths early on, and encouraging them at school and at home, we can reduce the skills gap and put women at the forefront of global innovation.


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