What springs to mind when you hear the word robot? Do you think of a movie where robots are a danger to humans, or do you think of clips you’ve seen on YouTube from Japan where robots are programmed to do everything from cleaning your home to being your friend? Robots are being increasingly used in our daily lives. They are faster and more precise than people, and they can be used to do jobs that are just too dangerous for humans. Here are 6 cool things that robots are used for in day to day life.

Self-driving cars

In the past 10 years or so, self-driving cars have been in development. Self-driving cars use robotics and artificial intelligence to operate and companies like Google, Audi, and Mercedes have started to introduce them.

Bomb disposal and surveillance

The military use robots to examine suspicious packages, and defuse explosive devices and landmines. Robots are also in operation in the skies in the formed of unmanned surveillance aircraft which carry out reconnaissance missions.


Surgeons use a computer to direct surgical instruments attached to robot arms which makes surgical procedures more precise and less invasive. The famous robotic Da Vinci Surgical System is widely use in weight loss and heart bypass surgeries.

Dangerous jobs

Robots do a lot of jobs that are considered too risky for humans, like welding, cleaning sewers, inspecting gas pipes, and bomb disposal.

Helping around the home

You might have seen robots in homes in Japan, and you never know, one day you might be lucky to have a robot that can clean your home, do your laundry, and look after your pet!

Fighting crime

A company called Knightscope, based in Silicon Valley, produces robots that can act as security guards in shopping centres and even in private homes. There are also robots that scan people to see if they are carrying weapons, and robots that can be used on difficult terrains so security guards don’t have to pursue suspected offenders on foot where it’s dangerous.


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