learning outside of the classroom

Most children get their formal education in a classroom, but by the time they get there, they have already begun discovering the world for themselves. While kids do learn, play, interact with others, and exercise at school, we shouldn’t forget the value of learning outside of the classroom.

Kids are naturally curious, and they’re having new experiences and learning about the world around them all of the time, and that’s why we should help them to learn outside of the classroom to reinforce their formal education.

The benefits of learning outside of the classroom

It’s easier to keep kids engaged

Kids are often bored and distracted in the classroom, especially if all they’re doing is reading or working from textbooks. But often if they’re in a different environment, like the garden, a park, or a museum, they’re more engaged because they can see the things they’re learning about in action. What’s likely to be more fun for kids, looking at pictures of birds in a textbook, or going outside with a worksheet or notebook and jotting down the types of birds they can see?

It can be physically and emotionally healthier

Instead of being sat behind a desk, taking kids outdoors on a nature walk, to play games, or to do other activities allows them to get some fresh air and exercise, as well as allowing them to interact more freely with other kids.

It helps develop the imagination

When kids go on trips to museums or on other educational outings, it engages their natural curiosity and imagination, and they might end up with a better idea of how things work. They might also develop an interest in something new because of something they’ve seen.

It makes learning more relevant

Sometimes, when things are learned in the classroom, kids can find it hard to see how they are relevant to the real world. Even now, you might be waiting for the day when you get to use Pythagoras’ theorem! But when kids see something in context, they’ll find it easier to understand and learn.

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