Lego Duplo

The development of memory is an important stage of cognitive development for children, and because the memory starts to develop within the first three years of a child’s life, it helps if parents can engage them in fun and simple games to help them on their way. Here are some simple Lego Duplo games from the good people at Lego you can try to teach your child maths concepts and problem-solving skills while developing their memory.

Get them to match colours

You’ll need an egg box, some Lego Duplo bricks, crayons or felt tip pens and some paper. Draw a grid on the paper and ask your child to colour each square in the grid in a different colour. Fix the grid to the egg box lid and get them to match their Lego Duplo bricks to the right colour on the grid.

Build a tower then ask your child to remember the colour sequence

Make a tower from three Lego Duplo bricks (use different colours). Ask your child to remember the colours in the right order then ask them to rebuild the tower. For a tougher challenge, keep making the sequences longer.

Tell a story

Tell your child a story then ask them to tell it back to you, using their Lego Duplo figures. This will help them understand sequences and the order of events as well as boosting their short-term memory.

Play spot the difference

Build two similar things with Lego Duplo bricks but change a few things on the second model. Hide the first model and ask your child if they can remember what’s different.

Find the missing Duplo piece

Get four different items from a Lego Duplo set and ask your child to look at them. Ask them to close their eyes, and take one of the pieces away. When they open their eyes, ask them to tell you which piece is missing. To make it more challenging, use more items.

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