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How to Nip Spoiled Behaviour in the Bud

What do you do when your little angel throws a tantrum in the supermarket? Do you give in and buy them what they want? What about at home? Do you they know that all they have to do is scream and cry, and they’ll get their own way? It’s so hard to be tough when you...

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Should We Take Learning Outside of the Classroom?

Most children get their formal education in a classroom, but by the time they get there, they have already begun discovering the world for themselves. While kids do learn, play, interact with others, and exercise at school, we shouldn’t forget the value of learning...

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6 Cool Things That Robots Can Do

What springs to mind when you hear the word robot? Do you think of a movie where robots are a danger to humans, or do you think of clips you’ve seen on YouTube from Japan where robots are programmed to do everything from cleaning your home to being your friend? Robots...

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Why You Should Let Your Kids Take Risks

These days keeping kids safe while allowing them to explore and discover the world around them is a tough balancing act. Do you let your kids explore and play freely, or do you find that letting go of the reins slightly fills you with fear and dread? Taking risks...

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Should Animation be Taught in the Classroom?

Look at any school curriculum and there’s an emphasis on english, maths, and science. Academic subjects are still considered to be the priority, but could we soon see skills like animation being taught in the classroom? Using animation to enhance learning Animation is...

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