A decent birthday party needs only three things: cake, presents and balloons, lots of balloons. To make your child’s bash a standout, however, you may be looking for that extra ingredient. To some parents, that can mean a group outing at the water park, or a festival-like backyard celebration complete with clowns and bouncy houses.

That’s all well and good. But here’s something to think about if you’re looking for something different. Kids are naturally energetic, playful and inquisitive. Before you plan, think of these core traits as resources that will give the bash energy. All you have to provide is a fun and engaging setup, and they’ll do the rest as far as making their own fun. With that in mind, there’s simply no better party theme than one that draws from science.

These ideas will help you plan your child’s most memorable bash yet!

Host your birthday bash at the science center

If you’re looking for something off-site, a local museum can be a great setting, whether the focus is on art, technology, science or natural history. Chances are, they’ll have a party package complete with fun and engaging activities. If they already host groups of school kids, they should have lots of kid-approved activities perfected and ready to launch. Maybe it’s a fun scavenger hunt, a collection of experiments or a behind-the-scenes tour. Whatever you opt for, all you have to do is show up and bring the cake.

A birthday celebration made easier

How fun does a party centered around LEGO Bricks sound? While it’s easy enough to come up with all the right decor, no LEGO Bricks party would be complete without actually spending time building stuff, right? Pulling that off yourself is harder — and more expensive — than you’d think. That can either mean buying a bunch of individual models, or doing tons of research online for party projects (which may sound great on the screen, but what if they’re a flop?). The good news is there’s an easy way to host a LEGO bash that doesn’t leave out the most important part. Contact your local Bricks 4 Kidz and ask about their party packages! Your child can choose their favorite theme. And Bricks 4 Kidz will show up with all the needed LEGO Bricks. They’ll also take care of setup and lead the activity from start to finish. Again, all you have to do is provide cake. If that sounds like the perfect party solution, contact your local Bricks 4 Kidz today.

3 ideas for homemade hands-on fun for a science-themed birthday party

If you have the space for messy activities — hard surfaces that are easily mopped and wiped down and a large table that can hold a big plastic sheet — then you can plan that science-themed birthday party everyone will remember. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Creating slime is very on-trend, and The Typical Mom explains how to do it from start to finish. Tip: Purchasing bowls from the dollar store that you can toss in the garbage afterward makes cleanup easier, and instead of sending them home with the goody bag, each kid gets their own container of slime!
  • Forget the usual baking-soda-and-vinegar-fueled volcano. You’ll want to try elephant toothpaste. This science lab activity comes with a craft component — coloring the tube template that fits over the empty soda bottles. Then everyone can take turns while you add dish soap and food coloring to peroxide, shake it all up and watch the messy, colorful explosion pour out everywhere! Steve Spangler Science has the how-to.
  • To take an artful turn to the party, how about a solar system model they can hang in their room? Styrofoam balls in varied sizes, paints, pipe cleaners and (only if you’re very brave) glitter are just some of the things you’ll need to pull this off. Kick off the party with this activity and move on to the game, gift opening and birthday cake so there’s plenty of time to dry. It’s messy, but again, there’s no need here for the goody bag. Get inspired at Artsy-Craftsy Mom.

Now that you have a few ideas, you can start planning your child’s birthday party of discovery, where all your guests will have a fun-fueled time!